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Volunteers Wanted


We are looking for a volunteer to work in our family affiliated hostel. We are located in the Centro Historico in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador.Here is a list of the duties that will need to be fulfilled:

>>Welcoming guests into our hostel<<

>>Check in and check out of Guests<<

>>Promote tour agency<<

>>Recommend places of interest<<

>>Have a friendly and hospitable vibe<<

>>Promote hostel in surrounding areas<<

>>Make sure the hostel is up to standards<<

>>Basic knowledge of the Spanish & English<<

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CarpeDM Adventures and Guayunga, Together!


Founded in 2007, CarpeDM caters to backpackers from all over the world.
Specializing in Adventures to Amazon, Galapagos, Climbing, Biking, Rafting and more…

Recommended by travelers worldwide:
Anouska Nelson – Australia

“After booking a Jungle 4 day tour and loving every minute of it. I did not hesistate to book my Galapagos adventure with Carpedm. I found the staff to be friendly, HONEST, trustworthy, thorough, professional and intuitive to my individual tour needs.”

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